Project Description

The Challenges

Located in Lakeview On Harrison Ave., Reginelli’s Pizzeria could be described as the perfect client. The pizzeria opened in 1996, and in 2002 they contracted Costa to begin the renovation process on their stores. There was and continues to be a close working relationship between Costa and the beloved pizzeria that has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship. Trust and direct communication was vital for moving the renovation process along at a steady pace and ensuring that the deadline for completion was met on time. Constant contact with Reginelli’s was very important because it guaranteed that everything was on schedule and all updates were made known in a timely manner.

The project was fairly straightforward with the only concern being the location space. Harrison Ave. is a high traffic area so it was important to be mindful of some safety precautions such as not obstructing traffic, keeping the area clean, and keeping pedestrians safe.

There were two contracts for this project: one for the interior and one for the exterior. The exterior was the more challenging of the two because it required tearing half of the building apart in order to properly renovate it. All of the interior work such as custom-made cabinets and designs were completed in Costa’s workshop and then brought on site to the restaurant. This was done in order to save time and cut costs.

The building needed to have the same aesthetic as all the other Reginelli’s restaurants because uniformity is a staple of the pizza chain. Their custom-made wall décor and furniture is easily recognizable to anyone who has eaten at one of their many locations in and around the Greater New Orleans Region. Costa worked extremely close with the owner to make sure all the interior designs and woodwork was made exactly how they wanted it. In our shop, we used our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router, which is a machine used to cut the material precisely the way it’s meant to be designed using algorithms from a computer program. The CNC Router is a lot more practical for making casework more precise and less time consuming. Once the deadline was met, Reginelli’s was quite pleased with the finished product.