Project Description

The Challenges

The Glass and Mirror Depot was a 9,000 square ft. metal warehouse building that was bought on vacant property in Elmwood. The warehouse acted as a glass and mirror showroom and was also utilized as an office for the business. The depot is a glass wholesaler meaning it only sells glass products to installers and not to the general public.

Typically with jobs like this one we are overqualified for the project. This comes with pro and cons. The pros being that it is cost efficient and we are almost always able to complete the project within a reasonable timeframe. Metal buildings are also more convenient because their upkeep is minimal and less costly than your more traditional wood buildings. This adds to their remarkably long life span.

Commercial jobs like this one are fairly straightforward and typically follow a similar construction outline. That being said, it makes jobs like these extremely competitive for commercial projects. Costa continues to prove themselves to be the best company for the job though. After successfully completing several metal buildouts for commercial businesses over the years, Costa has cemented their place as the go-to construction company for these types of projects in the greater New Orleans region.